Bay Construction About Us

Bay Construction was founded in 1974 by Assad Al-Shamma.  After working for 6 years at Civil Engineering firms in Chicago and Traverse City, Assad built his own home and Bay Construction Company was born.  In 1984 Bay Construction moved to its current location on Eighth St. in Traverse City. During the 1980s, Bay continued providing quality construction and delivering custom homes, while delving into commercial work: building apartments, town homes, retail centers and school buildings.  In the 1990s, Bay Construction’s efforts shift back to its roots as Assad’s son Jamie graduated in Civil Engineering from Michigan Technological University and joined the company.  Bay Construction has since added a renovations crew to its arsenal, building custom homes while also performing historical renovations, small additions and select commercial projects. 

Assad Al-Shamma, President

Assad moved to Traverse City with his wife, Sandy, in 1968. After working at a local Civil Engineering firm, Assad founded Bay Construction Company in 1974. Assad is a Professional Engineer and has been building homes and commercial structures in Traverse City ever since.

Jamie Al-Shamma, Executive Vice President

Jamie, born in Traverse City, grew up working in construction and brings that experience to each project we tackle. He has been directing Bay Construction since 1994 and is directly involved in every project.  Jamie is a Civil Engineer and has been assisting our clients in this capacity since 1997.